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Indesign Clickable Templates Patti Belle Hastings

Indesign Clickable Templates

Patti Belle Hastings

ISBN : 9780321227591
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 About the Book 

Desktop publishing programs like Adobe InDesign bring tremendous design capabilities to your desktop, but unless you have training in layout and graphics, theyre not always easy to use effectively. Enter Clickable Templates. In this unique book and CD package, three of todays leading designers have drawn on their own considerable experience to do the legwork for you On the disc, youll find templates for just about every conceivable type of desktop publishing project. All you have to do is pour your files into the provided templates and then apply the predefined styles for heads, subheads, captions, and so on. The result? Sophisticated, effective layouts created instantly and effortlessly (well, almost ). In the stunning, full-color book youll find a gallery of the CDs templates as well as loads of visual examples with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Beginners will appreciate the built-in design expertise, and more experienced users will be relieved not to reinvent the wheel each time they start a project.