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A Place of Her Own Miranda Barnes

A Place of Her Own

Miranda Barnes

Kindle Edition
127 pages
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 About the Book 

Jenny Morrison was ready for change.After a failed engagement and a life spent in the rush of the big city, she has relocated to a beautiful old stone Victorian house in the small town of Cragley.Her grand plan is to set up a craft shop at its front, a place of her own.It is time for peace, quiet and a fresh start.That is, until she meets her neighbours.James and Hannah, a set of twins, start causing trouble from the minute she moves in.Their father, Tom Laidler, doesn’t seem much better and makes life difficult with his quiet demeanour and quick temper.Luckily, Jenny finds a friend in local artist Will Renfrew, whose carefree humour is just what the doctor ordered.But when deliveries of fresh flowers are sent to Jenny by a mysterious admirer, she begins to wonder whether this could be than just a friendship...Has Jenny found more than she bargained for in her eccentric artist friend?Under his moody veneer, could there be more to Tom Laidler than meets the eye?Can she tackle the troublesome twins?There is plenty to organise in the run-up to opening day: walls to paint, stock to order, a business to put together.And with so much in the shop to fix, Jenny barely has time to notice that her romantic life is on the mend too.‘A Place of Her Own’ is a heart-warming romance about second chances at love and happiness.“A sparkling romance set in rural England” – Holly Kinsella, bestselling author of ‘Uptown Girl’.Miranda Barnes has lived in Northumberland nearly all her life, and most of her romantic fiction is set in the area she has come to love. Contemporary and authentic, her novels focus on the loves and lives of local people - shop assistants, craft workers, and farming and fishing folk.Endeavour Press is the UK’s leading independent publisher of digital books.