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Looking After Antiques Anna Plowden

Looking After Antiques

Anna Plowden

Published January 1st 1988
ISBN : 9780060158521
224 pages
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 About the Book 

In Looking after Antiques, Frances Halahan, a professional conservator, explains how you can look after your most treasured possessions - whether you are an avid collector, the latest in a long line of inveterate hoarders, or have finally cleared out the attic and cannot bring yourself to part with what you have discovered. Based on her own experience, and that of National Trust advisers, she discusses how objects as diverse as photographs, natural history collections, furniture and textiles may be displayed to their best advantage, how to maintain and store them, and, crucially, when and where to get help if they are damaged. The characteristics of the most common materials are explored in depth, so whether belongings are made of glass, ceramic, stone, or metal, there are clear instructions explaining what you can do to preserve them, and determine when you need expert advice. The book contains over 130 informative colour photographs, accompanied by practical line drawings which show precisely how to carry out specific techniques. A detailed glossary provides a quick-reference listing of special equipment, suggested cleaning solutions and technical terms used in the text. Whether you cherish your pieces for sentimental or for their actual value, therefore, this is a book you cannot afford to be without.