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Yankee Pasha Edison Marshall

Yankee Pasha

Edison Marshall

Published 1964
Mass Market Paperback
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Out of the Adirondack Mountains, in the rough-and-tumble days following the American Revolution, comes Jason Starbuck, with some scalps on his pouch and a deep longing in his heart. In colonial Salem he finds Roxanna Reil, half French and half Puritan - proud, bold, beautiful - and the talk (some would say the scandal!) of that staid salt-water town.Roxanna had survived the Reign of Terror in France only through a daring mind and an unconventional approach to the facts of life. She knows what she wants now. Her sun-struck hair makes Jason think of the Golden Fleece that another Jason searched for, and he loves her with mountain intensity and directness.When Roxana disappears at sea, Jason sets out to find her. The faint trail begins at the pirate court of Algiers, then moves further into th emysterious East. He becomes, to all appearances, another renegade from the West, willing to fight and kill in exchange for loot. Playing his part to the hilt, he covets blue-eyed Lilith, a fiery and beautiful Circassian, and she is both a solace and a problem for him.