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Soulmates Jane Wingfield


Jane Wingfield

Published April 27th 2013
Kindle Edition
262 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Glen Munro arrives at Pauls centre for juvenile law affenders and drug addicts. He is a counsellor and Glen is his new patient. But what drives Glens addictions is far more supernatrual than the average addict. Glen has powers he cannot understand- he can move objects, read minds and hypnotise and know all there is to know about a person just by touching them. He is afraid of his powers and it is up to Paul to help Glen. They become very close even when Glen eventually leaves the centre and some strange link between them draws them together. When Glen disappears again back into the underworld of gothic music, bands and the sordid trap of addiction Paul is sworn to find his friend again. Unfortunately a gang learn of Glens powers and he is kidnapped and forced to break into places for them. The psychic link between Paul and Glen makes it able for Paul to find Glen and rescue him but there are disasterous consiquences which bears no happy ending for either of them. Soulmates is an supernatrual story of love beyond any normal love but Glen was never normal from the start.