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Margo (A Blue Harbor Novel) Molly Dillon

Margo (A Blue Harbor Novel)

Molly Dillon

Published December 23rd 2011
Kindle Edition
220 pages
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 About the Book 

~ Molly Dillon brings the small town of Blue Harbor alive in the first novel of this series, Frankie (the second in the series) is now available ~After her husband dies, leaving her a widow at forty-five, Margo Blair finds herself a victim of his lies and innuendos. Starting over, she sells her home and all her possessions to return to the town where she once lived as a teenager.In this quaint, seaside village, she befriends her lively neighbor, an endearing woman of eighty, who exudes energy and fun. The friendship leads to the making of a memory quilt, to long-hidden secrets, and lost loves.What will the secrets reveal? On her own for the first time, can Margo, like the proverbial caterpillar, experience a metamorphosis and transform from a shy, insecure woman into a strong, confident force? Or will the secrets destroy her?Acclaim for MargoA must-read if you love people, quilts and chocolate. – Amanda Ashley, NY best-selling authorMolly Dillons story, Margo, touches something in all of us. I wasnt satisfied until Id read the last page. – Judy McAllister, author of FlyerA rich story of love, friendship, and courage... – Carol Amato, author and publisherMargo roped in this cowboy on page one. Its the kind of story that warms the heart. – Mart Shaughnessy, author of Palomino Days